California Trip

Documenting the trip to California

Day Thirty One

Well, we made it to Cedar Key. This place has such a relaxed feel. We had a couple […]

Day Twenty Seven

New Mexico – moved from the Pacific Time Zone to the Mountain Time Zone on Saturday and on […]

Day Twenty Six

Went out last night to remove the water hose – warned us about freezing temperatures. Looked up and […]

Day Twenty Five

We settled in at the Circle S Campground in Kingsman . The trip from Hoover Dam down […]

Day Twenty Four

I was right about the park being a bit seedy. There was a fellow camper that howled to […]

Day Twenty Three

I was going to put the squeeze on the Coloma Resort proprietors about our Tin Can Tourist Friendly […]

Day Twenty-two

I don’t know at this point if my day count is correct or not. We went to Auburn […]

Day Twenty-one

Sunday is a little sad as the group the came together on Thursday, bonded in a very unique […]

California Gathering Pictures

If you took pictures of the California Gathering – please post them here: or you can send […]

Day Nineteen

The breakfast of Honey Baked Ham and Pancakes was fabulous. After doing in two good size hams on […]

Day Eighteen

Penny Cotter and friends put together a great pancake breakfast this morning. After breakfast and for the rest […]

Day Seventeen

Not sure if I have the number right. This is Thursday, October 16th – 2008 Attendees to the […]

Day Fifteen

Spent some time this afternoon touring the Gold Bug Mine just outside Placerville. After paying an admittance fee […]

Day Fourteen

Not much to report on today. When you’re traveling there is more information to detail. Monday saw us […]

Day Thirteen

Sunday, the day of rest. After spam and eggs we did the Farm Trail. The route we covered […]

Day Twelve

Found a new screen on the GPS. When reset for a trip, it will give you your overall […]

Day Eleven

There was a hint of concern about the weather as we left Reno. The lady at the park […]

Day Ten

Virginia City, Nevada is one of America’s largest Historic Landmarks. Located just south east of Reno, Nevada, this […]

Day Eight Blog

We set aside some of the day for the mundane. We did some laundry, got haircuts, stopped at […]

Day Seven

We headed out of Salt Lake City after getting the Avion to an RV wash. I had no […]

Day Six

Rained most of the night and morning. From about noon on the day was great. Took the opportunity […]

Day Five

Thanks to Terry, you will have a few links to help clarify or serve as a link to […]

Day Four

Jeri must have taken the Pony Express stories regarding their speed in getting to California to heart. We […]

Day Three

We promised a slower pace and we succeeded. We started out the day at the Pony Express Station […]

Day Three

Well we traveled from Iowa to mid Nebraska. Staying with our 300 miles per day, but expect to […]

Day Two

We brought along a few of our Tin Can Tourist Friendly Campground forms, thinking it would be good […]

First Day Out

The trip to the California Regional Gathering is the longest adventure we have ever tried. During our tenure […]