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Damaged (One Star) - Generally unsafe, May have severe mechanical problems, Costly repairs are needed
Southern New Hampshire
No title, registered in my name in NH (no titles over 15 years here)
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Hello, looking to see if anyone is interested in my 1967 Fan Travel Trailer. I recently purchased it with the intention of rehabbing it but quickly discovered it’s in need of more love than I can give it.
The wooden floor is almost completely rotten. This trailer requires a full tear down. I have started stripping it with the intention of repairing it but have discovered it’s beyond the scope of what I was looking for.
Just trying to recoup a little bit of my money and keep this from going to scrap.
Fridge was gone when purchased, stove is rough, no interior (salvaged some key pieces for re-construction.
Salvaged any usable original hardware too.
I have stripped the front interior approximately 10ft back
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