1970's Argosy Minuet 6.7

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Rough (Two Stars) - Typically has major body issues, Mechanical issues, some of which may have been repaired recently, Rust is likely
Lakeland Florida
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1970's Argosy Minuet 6.7 meter ( 22 feet ) .. I believe it's a late 70's model. Will need complete renovation / restoration. I don't have a title for it.

Exterior is in very good shape, solid no severe damage or punctures. Was painted white years ago, it was painted before it came into my possession. Left side needs to be pressure washed cleaned more than the right side.

All windows and seals are tight no moisture leaks.

Interior is stripped. Was used as a mobile office for a local airport. Interior is solid, no damage to the interior walls or floors. The floor is solid all away around when walking on it. I believe it's a composite floor underneath the carpet that's currently in it.

The roof AC has been replaced with it seems to be an aftermarket one and covered to protect it from the elements. I have never tried to use it and I would assume it's non functional.

The frame and axles are unknown. It was towed to my residence a few years ago with no problems but the paint on the frame is flaking and showing signs of rust. The tires hold air, though I'm not sure the condition of the tires and axles if it needs to be transported far.

It was my intent to restore and use for camping and travelling, but other things have come up. Looking to sell, not interested in trades. I have an offer to scrap it, I'd prefer to sell it to someone who would restore it.

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