Rare, 1961 Shasta Astrodome

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Hopkinton, RI
Not at this time.
I do not have a title, but the trailer has been in my family since 1962.
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A rare, 1961 Shasta Astrodome. This gem has been in my family since 1962. I, along with five of my six siblings, slept in it on multiple, memorable, camping trips from Florida to Canada. Three generations have experienced that, and all have many stories to tell. I’ve wanted to restore it, but do not have a proper space in which to do it. The floor and roof are solid and in very good shape. Unfortunately, the toilet is was removed by my dad decades ago. It needs tires and maybe a packing in the axle and it could be towed. The interior is all original wood and includes the original ladder to the loft, the Shasta magazine rack and is in in very good shape, except around the kitchen ceiling vent and below the rear window. It has twice suffered water damage: one was a leak in the area of the rear window, which leak has been repaired, and the other was due to a vandal break-in via the air vent above the sink, which I replaced. I put a new floor in a few years ago. The exterior is also in very good condition, but it could use a paint job. The wings are original but could use a shining. I recently put on a new gas gauge and tested the gas line and was able to light the stove. It has the original stove, oven and fridge, which are very clean. Interior electricity works. I am uncertain about the outside, directional electric, which has not been used in decades. It has not been on the road since 1986. It has two cracked windows.
This is a solid trailer investment.

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