1960s Little Champ Travel Trailer / Camper, Miss Dot 2

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Contact Treesarefalling
Fair (Three Stars) - May have some mechanical issues, May have faded paint or dents, Definitely looks used but is still a safe vehicle
Bruce Wisconsin
No Title, Only Bill of sale
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$3200 OBO ( Meet Dot! Bet you can't guess why we call her that. Miss Dot (not to be confused with Aunt Flo us girls all know
what kind of a pain she can be...showing up whenever its most inconvenient)
is a rare 1960's Little Champ camper born into the Coach family. You won't find another one just like her....
Freshly painted in antique white
Homemade washable cushion covers for a homey feel
Original stove in a teal blue (works)Never saw a stove this color before)
***oh yeah, Miss Dot had some work done, us girls don't get to be 60 years old with no maintenance
She had her underlayment replaced (but don't tell)
Also, had some cosmetic work with newer wood floor, partially done
She gets turned on by electric and sometimes she has gas but we
don't like to talk about that either
She sleeps two to four people, but don't judge.
Will need a new refrigerator, she had hers removed (painful)
She has been painted in light blue and gardenia white protective enamel paint (gardenias are her favorite)
She's kind of on the whimsical side with all her polka-dots a little more racey than Flo. but a little
on the submissive side as she does " go where she's towed."
Light and easy to tow. She has kept her girlish figure only weighing in at about 1600 lbs.
She is short as well, only about
Solid frame
Has an air conditioner for those hot flashes she gets, but not in window atm

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