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Damaged (One Star) - Generally unsafe, May have severe mechanical problems, Costly repairs are needed
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Work in progress. Method: peicewise wood replacement from the inside out. Shell is currently suspended on internal wood scaffolding. Significant progress already made. Talk to me about where the project stands and the route I had planned to take. I can show you the ins and outs, and make recommendations on how to procede. I'm an engineer and a builder, and the work that's been done so far is of good quality. All cedar, with copper treatment applied. I even ripped .05" off the thickness of the new boards to match the old dimensions. About 70% of the framing has already been replaced from the inside, and by taking the front skin off Some more rotted wood still needs to be replaced, but much of the original wood is still good structurally, provided the new edge seal is watertight. May recommend some chemical treatment in places. Frame, axle, and wheels are in good shape New longitudinal floor beams already installed Skin is in shape sufficient to be restored. One broken side window pane. Several skin areas will need to be repaired Range still here, fridge thrown out. Recommend new heater Old floor board still here for use as template. Tin wheel wells still intact. Have good recommendations for resealing seam around edges All electrical needs redone, all interior will need to be built from scratch Bench seats and table still look good. Door is intact. Needs new lock/key Make us an offer. We need it gone soon. If you plan to tow it far, it will need to be shored
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