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Rough (Two Stars) - Typically has major body issues, Mechanical issues, some of which may have been repaired recently, Rust is likely
Salt Lake City, Utah
Possible, depending on sales price & distance.
Clear title in my name, in my possession.
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There were only 18 of these made in '48 and unless another has surfaced, this is the 5th one known to exist. It is 19' from bumper to ball - 17' of trailer. It's the next size up from the Wee Wind, and more rare. Clear Utah title. I was told this was used on the MGM lot as a trailer for one of their actresses. I haven't found solid proof of this, but there are some things that make me think it's possible. The trailer came with a bathroom in the back, with a porcelain-over-steel tub surrounded by Bakelite tiles. Airstreams were rarely built with bathrooms back then, let alone a tub. The year coincides with the making of "A Foreign Affair," in which Marlene Dietrich starred. She was a well-known and loved star by that point, and would have been given whatever she asked for - including a tub in her trailer. 🙂 This trailer is total American ingenuity and style! It's in "as found" shape now, but with some love it could be a real showpiece. Will have to be transported on a flat-bed trailer. The interior is gutted -- even most of the floor is gone -- but I have the original fridge, stove, end cabinets, tub, Bakelite tiles, aluminum upper cabinets, lights, wheel-well covers, and a lot of other pieces. The pipe frame needs to be rebuilt/reinforced (I have the aluminum ribs), but the original floor is intact in the endcaps to use as templates. It would clearly be a lot of work, but it would be tough to be upside down with this super rare trailer! The last photo is one restored.
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