1948 Spartan manor

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New York
Excellent (Five Stars) - Looks brand new, No signs of wear, New tires, Maintained very well, Flaw-free body, Clean title
Bath, NY
Clear, up to date
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Up for consideration is our 1948 Spartan trailer that was rebuilt/restored for our personal use, after coming to the conclusion that the trailer is much to large for our yard and our tow vehicle, we decided to sell it. This Spartan was a frame up rebuild, with just about everything replaced with new, while keeping closely to the original style of a birch beauty.

Starting with the frame, all parts that were bad or damaged, were replaced with new. The frame was taken down to bare metal, primed and painted. A new Dexter 6k torsion axle was added as well as a new coupler, wheels and tires, including the spare. A new 1/2" ply floor was installed and bolted down to the frame and a 1/4" sub floor added to the top of that, the floor later to receive a 3/8" all wood oak ply flooring.

The body of the trailer is in amazing shape, with just a few minor dings here and there, all windows have been restored with new felts, tracks, pulls and locks. There is a full bathroom with an occasional shower.

The list of all that is new in this trailer is long, so to keep this ad short, I'll refer you to my youtube channel (foster wayne) 👍 so you can view the seven restoration/rebuild videos of this trailer, a video is worth a thousands words. If you have any questions at all about the trailer, I'll be more than happy to answer them.

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