1944 Schult Luxury Liner - 25' - Gutted and ready to restore!

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Rough (Two Stars) - Typically has major body issues, Mechanical issues, some of which may have been repaired recently, Rust is likely
West Point, Utah
Bill of Sale - Not hard to get title if needed.
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I believe this is a 1944 model from what info I can find on the web. If you know more than I do, please feel free to let me know, thanks!
24-25' long
Trailer was previously gutted. What you see, is all I have. Only one interior wall remains, with the fusebox and some wiring mounted to it. Some of the original birch wood paneling is there, some has been replaced or painted. The floor is soft at the rear doorway, and at nearly 80 years old, ought to be replaced throughout. Frame is solid throughout, yay! Double propane tank holder is remaining. Tongue-jack is stuck in up position. Tongue is functional. Three of the four original glass marker lights are there (wow!). License Plate holder and light assembly is remaining, but the stop light housing above that is missing. Has a dent in roof on the rearmost street side corner. It looks like most of the original window assemblies are there, but most are missing glass. Some are missing portions of the opening latches and etc. The body has a number of screw holes throughout, I think from when a tarp was probably stretched over the top at one time. Side panels are in otherwise great shape. Roof, besides aforementioned dent, is relatively solid and shows no major signs of rusting.
At full asking price, I will include a new pair of tires/wheels and have the bearings serviced. Will include functioning stop/tail/turn lights.
Located in West Point, about 30 min N of downtown SLC, Utah
$5990 OBO

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