1963 Friendship Vacationaire - ready to roll, perfect vintage style, lightweight, rare beauty

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Southwest Dane County, Wisconsin
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Near mint condition with original upholstery, Dometic LP fridge, LP dinette light, Bargman L-66 door handle, teardrop running lights, wedding cake tail lights, and other sought after vintage details.

Dropped central floor keeps camper at 87" allowing fit into 8' garage door.

Roof replaced to repair a small leak area, adding a Fantastic Fan, improved insulation, and straightened (sistered) ceiling rafters. Absolutely no damp or unpleasant odors or evidence of rodent infestation, ever.

Electric has been converted to a 12 volt charger/converter system with a deep cycle battery. AC outlets added. Easy to boondock for days. Original Dometic refrigerator (LP only) works perfectly.

This is basically a barn find that we have improved without destroying any vintage character. No painted over stains or imperfections. The original exterior paint was totally white and chalky, so we cleaned, painted with proper aluminum primer, and multiple coats of high quality Sherwin Williams acrylic paint. Very durable.

Note the unique layout of the rear opposing sofas to transform to a near king size bed oriented the long way, making it much easier for an individual to leave the bed without climbing over a sleeping partner (simply slip out over the foot of the bed).

All windows, doors, and screens are in perfect condition. Windows have been cleaned and left as mill finish aluminum, and gaskets have been replaced. Not even a dent in original screen door.

Write for more history and details.

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