1971 Silverstreak, 26', Continental, a real original gem

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Excellent (Five Stars) - Looks brand new, No signs of wear, New tires, Maintained very well, Flaw-free body, Clean title
California, Calaversas county
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SILVER STREAK, 26’, a very nice trailer that won’t disappoint:

This trailer has been a wonderful home to many of our friends and family for a long time.
It was used in the summer months and stored in the winter. It is a real beauty, very well taken care of and we hope it shows in the pictures. We would think it would be very hard to find a trailer with a nicer and TOTALLY original outer shell. and very nice interior.

During our ownership, this trailer was mostly used as a place for our parents to stay, instead of adding another bedroom. The trailer is super comfortable. It has air conditioning to keep you cool and a great heater to keep you cozy..

From standard maintenance to required repairs, we tried to be preventive and it shows. The work was done professionally.

Our main focus was to keep the trailer ORIGINAL, not changing the reflection of history.

The trailer was not used during Covid-19 as we had no visitors.
Since we are not trailer expert mechanics, we don’t mind at all if you bring your mechanic to have it inspected from head to toe. We want you to know what you are buying, avoiding any surprises. The trailer is sold as is.
We are asking you when you compare trailers of this era, please compare apples with apples.
The best way to get a hold of us via email. We will need to make an appointment ( see below) to show you the trailer.

As we do not have a towing vehicle, you will need to bring yours. Trailer will only be released when funds are in our account.