1950 Silver Streak Clipper

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Good (Four Stars) - No major mechanical or body problems, Wear is consistent with age, May not look new, but looks good, Good tires, Clean title
Edmonds, Washington (near Seattle)
Clean, Clear, Unassigned
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Rare Silver Streak Clipper. Very desirable model and interior / window layout, especially in this good of shape. Was previously polished to a mirror finish, but like the patina for taking on the road, as the mirror finish can be blinding. Still has the mirror finish underneath, if that's what you prefer.

Very light and easy to tow, single axle - though will hold a lot of weight. You hardly know it's there. Tracks great, doesn't wander. Sits high, so no dragging or bottoming out. Solid and stable, even at speed in very high winds. Has been through blizzards with no problem. No leaks. Very aerodynamic. Incredibly strong and well designed. Look at the rivet spacing on the seams. They don't make them like this anymore.

I'm 6'2" and have clearance to spare for my head. No stooping or bumping for the tall.

We sold our towing vehicle, so haven't been able test everything, but all systems worked when parked a few years ago.

Has original vintage furnishings. Refrigerator, propane heater, water system, and stove with oven. Large closets and cabinets offer plenty of storage. Complete with 3 working awnings (including full-length door-side), and twin opening door (with built-in screen door). Two large screened roof vents plus screens on all windows and door give excellent ventilation. Beautiful original solid wood cabinets and closets give a warm, spacious feeling.

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