Vintage Serro Scotty Sportsman, for restoration or parts

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Damaged (One Star) - Generally unsafe, May have severe mechanical problems, Costly repairs are needed
Unknown. Permanent tag on trailer, but previous owner abandoned it.
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This is a vintage Serro Scotty Sportsman camper.

It has a good frame, a freshwater tank, & seems to have wiring updated, but I don't know whether the wiring works or not. It has a hole in the roof, & needs a ton of work.

The GOOD news is that I towed it from N. Virginia to Baltimore, at ~50mph max, w/out problems.
Here's the video walk-around & walk-thru.
I go around & inside the camper in this video, & talk about all the features, problems, & resources for getting those problems fixed. Let me know if you have any questions.


In order for me to get a title for this, I'd have to pay for:

1) an inspection
2) adding it to my insurance
3) the title & registration fee
4) new 1-year tags
5) to have it brought up to inspection standards.

The whole reason why I'm selling it at such a low price is because I decided to repair a camper *for use by my family* instead of repairing one to *flip* for a profit.
You could sell the bumper, the single hubcap, the decal, the the windows, & the table for parts--make my whole price, & have a trailer left over!

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