1947 Westcraft (Trolley Top) Sequoia

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Fair (Three Stars) - May have some mechanical issues, May have faded paint or dents, Definitely looks used but is still a safe vehicle
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This trailer Is a very high quality trailer which has the trolley top roof which makes it very collectible and desirable. The exterior of this vintage Westcraft is in very good condition. It is very original and very intact. It is built like an airplane with riveted construction for long life and durability. The exterior aluminum skin on this trailer is .040 inch aluminum which is much thicker than most trailer manufacturers used back in the day. These trailers were painted from the factory and from what I can tell the original color of this trailer was light blue.
The interior of this trailer is very original complete and intact. There is some water damage to the paneling which can be expected on a trailer this old. Floor. The floor is solid in all walking areas. However, I found a couple of small soft spots, one under the front curb side window and one right inside the rear door. Walls. Has all of the original birch paneling on walls and ceiling. Most of the paneling is in good condition but there are several areas that do have water stains and are delaminating. Has the original Dixie stove and the original Sanitary brand refrigerator. These trolley top Westcraft trailers do not come up for sale very often, so here is your chance to own one. A lot more photos and a more detailed description for this trailer can be found on our website at: https://www.vintagecampers.com