1962 Shasta Compact--fully rebuilt

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Excellent (Five Stars) - Looks brand new, No signs of wear, New tires, Maintained very well, Flaw-free body, Clean title
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While retaining her original charm, my 1962 Compact has been impeccably, thoughtfully, & FULLY rebuilt.

Marine-grade ply subfloor is sealed from beneath; birch-faced ply + birch-framed sides & ceiling are fully insulated w/ something that doesn't resemble cotton candy; the custom door/frame assembly was manufactured to the original dimensions and outfitted with a secure handle; all exterior hardware is stainless (+ all possible interior hardware as well); that’s new skin; and why yes, those are new wings.

The interior retains many original details with slight modifications to reduce barrier to use and keep everything entirely UNCOMPLICATED. Specifically, usable storage was created (by stealing some space from the once HUGE bed to add a full-height cabinet across from the closet); the galley was slimmed to reflect how much easier it’s become to prepare food in the past 60 years; all lights and the water-pumping faucet are rechargeable via USB (if you didn’t top the battery off in the driveway set up the flexible 160w solar panel); a removable water tank can be cleaned to ensure a pristine supply (or Arnold Palmer’s on tap); a usable portable toilet solution was created in the expanded closet; curtains are black-out lined; easier bed conversion allows a “lounge” or queen size bed; awning with new poles; cover customized to accommodate wings.

And at 12.5 feet, she's easy to haul and park anywhere.