1954 vintage vagabond project/living

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Fair (Three Stars) - May have some mechanical issues, May have faded paint or dents, Definitely looks used but is still a safe vehicle
Fort Meade Fl
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This 1954 vagabond trailer is currently lived in located in a mobile home park,mechanical plumbing,electrical majors are working.original bath sink and tub ,all original windows intact may need crank repairs,needs cabinet restoration,solid floor but needs top surface covering,walls may need refinishing/restorations,two entrance doors, light fixtures work but one reading light does not.hot water heater works,had to replace non original toilet,(do have original toilet but has crack if can be restored),two air conditioners in wall,has older roof over and addition porched in area,most original hardware no locks though,original wall heater not being used.This is a lovable restoration needed trailer set in a mobile home park in Fort Meade Fl,Must pass background check $50 fee each person over 18 to move into mh park,no felons,no drug felons,no sex offenders,$325 month lot rent,$325 property deposit,0ne 20 lb max pet allowed $100 fee, Cash Sale only