63 Aloha Standard MID-RENOVATION

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Rough (Two Stars) - Typically has major body issues, Mechanical issues, some of which may have been repaired recently, Rust is likely
Salem, OR
In hand, WA state title
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63 Aloha Mid Renovation for sale
$2500 OBO
Salem, OR
Sold as is, need flat trailer to haul (tires are shot and back is open.
Story: my mom and I bought this (already mid Reno) to Renovate during the pandemic. We've taken off the back wall and took off all the hardware to paint.
We've had someone weld on a new support for the jacks.
We've bought and cut new foam for the bed/couch.
We've saved everything we've removed and have some new jalousie windows, new door, and some new aluminum panels. New wheels (3 in total) (needs tires) and baby moons.
My mom fell ill and got cancer and I'm a single mom. This is just too much for us to handle. Asking what we put into it.
Comes with everything we have for it, including canopy if you want it. See more photos for all the extras included!

More photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/GM6az8QUphLs9rdQ7