Americana at its best: 1952 Nash homebuilt

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Fair (Three Stars) - May have some mechanical issues, May have faded paint or dents, Definitely looks used but is still a safe vehicle
Soldiers Grove, wI
I could consider driving it to your location for costs
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This was built I'm guessing in the mid '70's using a Nash Ambassador 6 cyl with hyrdramatic transmission. The cab area is '52 nash with the engine located under the floor. It drives well in that the steering is good, brakes adequate, easy to pilot along all day long, etc. Craftsmanship is quite high in the build. I have had it for 20 years and just don't use it enough and I need to downsize. While it runs great and drives, I sometimes have problem with coolant loss (bad head gasket??) I think the best thing is to repower it with an engine more current which mechanics know how to repair. This would also be a chance to convert it to 12 volts (currently is still the original 6 volt system.) It has a toilet, kitchen sink, stove, ice box, double bed in the back and a 4 person table seating area that converts to another bed. A tent attaches to the side is included. There is quite a bit of storage. Just about a month ago I drove it on a 250 mile trip trouble free, but unless you are a seasoned hands on old car person, a new owner would likely be best off updating the engine. The door seals leak which have damaged the door panels and gotten the floor wet some. (I do store it indoors when not in use which is 98% of the time.) There are no leaks in the camper part of the body, but the junction between the cab and camper body developed a seep that the panel in that narrow space now has some water damage. That is a Packard Cormorant hood ornament.