1947 Official Trailer Coach Year Book

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An extremely rare and coveted copy of the 1947 Official Trailer Coach Year Book from the 1947 Trailer Coach Manufacturers Association show. Unfortunately, it was apparently was used a lot so has lots of use wear, which includes a small, mouse-food hole at the bottom of the front cover that continues into page eight, and the cover is also loose at the top staple. The back cover is pretty warn too, but the rest of the pages are in good shape and include a 6.25 page database of 1947 trailer coach specifications that lists the brand, model name, price, overall length, body length, body width, height of exterior, interior height, if it's a single or double axle, the body type, the exterior covering and weight of 34 different trailers including photos, as well as another 60.75 pages of cool (now vintage) trailer ads, articles and classifieds.