Various window operators, handles and window supports

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Large collection of various window operators, handles and window supports that are all in very good condition, even though some need to have some rust remover treatment applied.

Contact me with size and quantity you need of any item, plus your address (for shipping), and I'll reply with the cost.

1. Window operators range in price from $45.00 for the largest and down to $25.00 + shipping for the smallest, depending on condition.

2. Small three, small handles are $30.00 each + shipping.

3. The four, small, grip-handles with the hole on the end for operators are $25.00 each + shipping.

4. The Spartanette window support for 8-1/12" high side windows is $40.00 + shipping

5. The small HEHR window support for 8-1/2" windows is $30 + shipping.

6. Or buy the entire lot for $100 + Shipping.