1920s(?) Shovelhead Masonite Survivor

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Contact Brian Bosch
Fair (Three Stars) - May have some mechanical issues, May have faded paint or dents, Definitely looks used but is still a safe vehicle
Harbor Beach, Michigan
unknown- 1000 lb?
bill of sale only
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Here is a pretty rare masonite trailer I believe is from the 1920s as it has wood spoke wheels. The wooden frame on this rig is in excellent condition. The masonite is melting and needs to be replaced. Previous owner put a piece of plywood over the masonite on the door side of the trailer. The trailer has a metal roof and vent. Inside has sink with drain to ground. Originally had a wood stove at front between counters and there is a vent hole that has been covered. Original interior was a dark wood finish (see interior picture of cabinet) but previous owner painted over everything inside, and removed the interior lights (wooden escutcheons are still in place). Simple cupboards and cabinets. Original screen door is there but not currently not connected. Also included are removable metal screens for windows- windows have original hardware. For a time I believed this was a homebuilt trailer, but I found a brass plate with a number (HT-2986) in the door frame implying it was manufactured. Good bones, great restoration candidate. I can take more pictures if requested. Here is your chance to revive a real piece of trailer history! Bill of sale only. $1800.00