1950's Marshfield Rollohome

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Damaged (One Star) - Generally unsafe, May have severe mechanical problems, Costly repairs are needed
Eastford CT
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1950's Rollohome vintage, retro camper. This is a fantastic project, but not for the faint at heart. Take it whole or as parts. Free if you take it whole, make an offer on parts.

Someone put a roof on top that helped protect it from leaking/weather so interior woodwork is mostly in good shape. Floors by doors are no longer solid. Easy access. About 40 or 41 feet rear to tip of tongue. 8 feet wide. Rollohome only made mobile homes for a few years in the 1950's. This specimen has a fascinating history.

It has not rolled since the 1950's and has a class 5 hitch, not a ball hitch. If you want to remove the roof before hauling, I can dump it, you may leave it here. You will likely need a flatbed to move it. I don't know the weight.

The local hauler recommends using a Landoll trailer to haul it because of its length. The roof makes it too tall to move and would have to be removed first. The hauling would start at about $1000+distance.

Here is a very similar one in action way back in the day: