1949 Prairie Schooner Vintage Travel Camper

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Rough (Two Stars) - Typically has major body issues, Mechanical issues, some of which may have been repaired recently, Rust is likely
Monticello Minnesota
Clean title
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Hello, I am selling my Vintage 1949 Prairie Schooner Camper. Yes, has a title.

I picked up this unit and I was going to turn it into a mobil storage / trailer for hauling around my 70's ford truck parts. I have been informed by many folks that it would be an absolute shame to turn this into a storage trailer. In which I kind of agree.

°The roof does have damage, has some holes cut for a chimney. (Has some giant oil stove inside). The wooden brackets that held up the roof have fallen and will need to be reinstalled. One of the cabinets above the sink is also damaged, I imagined that happened during the roof bracket fall. I would imagine most of the dents on the roof would be repairable.

°Not sure if any of the electrical ever worked, I have no care in the world to try. Has an old time fridge inside, a sink.
°The backside of this camper is actually in very nice condition. The floor back by the tub is super strong still. Cabinets in the back are also pretty nice and spacious.
°Once again floor in the back of the camper isn't bad at all, the floor up towards the front is fairly nice as well. But, just from where the kitchen area starts til about 5 feet from the front of the camper, the flooring will need to be replaced.
This camper is absolutely amazing for anyone who wants to restore one. I have absolutely zero interest in restoring this for myself, so I am giving the option to restore it to someone else.