1948 Curtis Wright RARE 28' Prototype???

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Good (Four Stars) - No major mechanical or body problems, Wear is consistent with age, May not look new, but looks good, Good tires, Clean title
Marshfield, Massachusetts
Vermont plate expired 2012
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Overall 28’. Interior is 26’ X 7’-6”X 6”-2” tall with two doors. Forward curbside is 28”, rear streetside 24”. No Curtis name tag, but “8180” stamped in frame would place it in mid ‘47 production. The signature alien eye windows, rivet pattern, doors, hinges, side windows and other details all say CW, while a twin steel channel ladder style frame is visible in place of the pipe frame that one might expect. The overall condition of the shell is excellent, and the end caps are nearly perfect, as are the interior end caps. I have been unable to find any record of, or reference to, this trailer....................... Without documentation THE FOLLOWING IS ENTIRELY SPECULATIVE ON MY PART....... Wally Byam was the design force at CW during his brief time there. Prior to his arrival, CW was building flat sided trailers of wood and Masonite. The ‘47 CW Clipper was his creation alone, and clearly the evolution of his ‘36 Clipper (even named after it!). Following his departure, that CW Clipper became the template for his Airstream Liner. I believe that this mystery trailer (built at CW and sharing the same dimensions) is the prototype for his ’48 Whirlwind, the only known example of which sits in the factory museum at Jackson Center. To the best of my knowledge this Curtis Wright 28 footer is the ONLY ONE of its kind ever produced, and occupies a unique place in Airstream’s history. ACCEPTING OFFERS