Trotwood 1955 Cub 16 canned ham

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New York
Good (Four Stars) - No major mechanical or body problems, Wear is consistent with age, May not look new, but looks good, Good tires, Clean title
Queensbury NY
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The Model Cub 16 weighs just under 2000 pounds.The outside Aluminum skin has been tastefully pinstriped, and the Aluminum screw heads are sealed. A side rear small “boyfriend” or emergency exit door locks from the inside. The roof was stripped to bare metal and coated with a good reflective silver sealant. The old gas heater chimney hole is now a new crank operated roof vent. The exterior signal lighting and wiring is all new. The undercarriage and fender wells are coated with a durable sealant. The gas lines and propane tanks for the old heater and stove burners were removed and replaced with all new electric features. A 30amp yellow 25ft power cord feeds four separate GFI circuits. Wheel chucks and support jacks are included.On the inside much of the wood and components have been restored to keep as much of the character as possible. A mix of several LED lights and original fixtures fully light the birch and white interior. The cushions for the dinette have been reupholstered and plenty of storage under the seats which converts into a bed for two. A futon couch is custom fitted to lay down into a real queen size. A pull-out cutting board above the 3 drawers are retro. Retro blue pattern Formica covers both the countertop and dinette table. A new refrigerator freezer rolls out for access. The sink is cold water only with the option to add a small on demand electric water heater. The sink is cold only with option to add hot water.
New tow chains and good tires.