1932 Palace Palatial Manor 24' ALL ORIGINAL Barn Find WITH bathroom

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Good (Four Stars) - No major mechanical or body problems, Wear is consistent with age, May not look new, but looks good, Good tires, Clean title
Temecula, CA (between Los Angeles and San Diego)
California title is clear and in hand. Titled as a 1932 Palaace and NOT as "special construction" vehicle.
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Themed as:

“Live Forever Again”

Okay, so the 120 year old barn was destined to be destroyed and rebuilt. And it was huge….over 100’ deep and 40’ wide. What could be in there? Vintage cars…maybe a priceless Packard…maybe a Pierce Arrow…maybe an Edison car. Let your imagination run wild. The barn was packed with STUFF!!! So, all you pickers out there, rejoice, let the pickin’ begin!!!

Oh, what’s this? Out comes a 1956 Ford Thunderbird (original and untouched), a few 1960’s and 1970’s daily drivers in REALLY good condition, a LOT of farm implements and then it revealed itself. All the way in the back, probably for at least 70 years…”who’s going to remove everything in front to get at it?”… was a VERY cool vintage trailer with 2 entry doors, wheel skirts and EVERYTHING intact and there!!

When we pulled it out we discovered that it hadn’t even been walked in for at least 50 years because we left foot prints in the dust on the floor. Now THIS was a time capsule. Somebody left all their stuff in here for the next camping trip that was never to be, closed the door and over the years started piling cars, tractors and 80 years of farm life stuff in front of it forever blocking it in.

The reason I’ve never heard of a Palace Palatial Manor or seen one is that this is probably the LAST survivor.

Specs and 100 pics at https://1932palacepalatialmanor24.shutterfly.com/pictures