1939 Alma "D" Caravan

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1939 Alma "D" Caravan Travel Trailer
Serial Number 3069
Vehicle color: Black & Silver
Interior Finish: Finish Grade Hard Wood
Original style water system gravity feed tank
Original sink with working plumbing
Original cabinets
Original table
New interior wood walls and ceiling
New vintage style flooring
Replica furnace with modern electric heater interior
Replica kerosene cook stove
New artillery wheels
New exterior pebble leatherette sides
New aluminum exterior skin centers

Appraised 1939 Alma has undergone a complete restoration with an all original exterior appearance as well as an all original interior recreated in the interior space nearly all parts are original or exact replicas of the original pieces that would have been in this 1939 Alma Model D trailer. There have only been a few modifications such as upgraded running gear, entrance door handle, interior lighting, and modern interior heating but all these modern upgrades have been done in the best way possible as to not detract from the historical significance of this trailer. This 1939 Alma Model D is a prime example of typical 1930s trailer and should maintain its value quite well over the years if kept in excellent condition.
Overall condition score out of 10:
Appraised value: $76,480.00
Appraisal reported May 16, 2018

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