1956 Spartan Imperial Mansion 2 bedroom 45'

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Fair (Three Stars) - May have some mechanical issues, May have faded paint or dents, Definitely looks used but is still a safe vehicle
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Located in ERSKINE, MN
Here is a Spartan Imperial Mansion that has been on the same property since at least 1962. It was in a great spot on a lake in Minnesota. Many people have lived in and used this trailer over its time, and somehow was never fully remodeled. Some of the kitchen area has been removed as shown, the rest is untouched. I have a drop box album with 169 pictures of this trailer. I installed a 7 pin standard RV plug, got the lights and brakes working, and installed 4 brand new 10 ply trailer tires. There are two spare rims that need new tires in the trailer. The underside of the trailer is incredibly clean.
This Spartan has almost all of its original fixtures as shown, and most of the built in cabinetry. All of the drawers and doors work. The roof has some dents along the edge from trees and such over its time but nothing major there. There are some small nail sized holes on the roof edge along the door side, from a porch that was built and removed a long time ago. The water damage that is seen I believe is from those holes and I have sealed them with a clear silicone. they are very small and repairable but I want you to know every detail of this trailer so you can make a confident purchase. The trailer does not currently leak. There are no bad smells, no mice, no mold. I actually slept in this trailer the first night I had it.
169 pics:
$10,000 OBO, delivery $2/mi
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