Apache / Vintage camper gathering in paradise

For the second year, I am hosting an Apache/vintage camper gathering at Paradise Stream Family Campground in Loysville Perry County Pennsylvania. This is an all make/model no age limit event. Call the campground directly to make reservations. +17177892117 Tags: Apache, rally, Vintage Trailer, Vintage Trailer Rally

Regional Representatives

Terry and Michelle Bone: Royal Tin Can Openers The second generation of the Bone’s are proud represent the Tin Can Tourists. We recently retired and live in Michigan and we camp as much as we can in the surrounding states. We’ve been part of the TCT club since 1998 when the club was renewed and… Continue reading Regional Representatives

Other Websites we like

Blogs http://www.shanatheshasta.com – Shana is a 1958 red Shasta Airflyte Deluxe. This site chronicles her restoration and adventures with the family that adopted her. Mobile Home Living: A great blog that features vintage mobile homes, advertising and literature on both vintage and modern mobile homes. Facebook Groups https://www.facebook.com/1961ReissuedShastaAirflyte/ – A place to post reissues for sale and… Continue reading Other Websites we like