Tin Can Tourists – Membership

Tin Can Tourist – Membership

Become a TCT Member or renew your membership

Tin Can Tourists is open to everyone. There are currently over 2000 dues paying members. All you need is a love of these vintage “Kings of the Road”. We are dedicated to the enjoyment, preservation, and promotion of vintage trailers and motor coaches.

TCT offers you a chance to meet and have fun with other owners who share your interest in vintage RV’s.

Initial Membership $25 and renewal dues are $20. You will receive laminated membership cards, a TCT window decal, a TCT chronology from 1919 to the present, and a current edition of our newsletter, Tin Can Tales.

Membership will be revoked if the member does not adhere to the clubs guiding principles at TCT events or on TCT websites and Social media outlets. The club abides by the original TCT guiding principles of clean camps, friendliness among campers, decent behavior and plenty of clean, wholesome entertainment for those in the camp

When are memberships renewed? Annually in May. We will send you an email or if you have a paypal subscription it will renew automatically and are $5 cheaper. Dues paid prior to the Fall Issue of Tin Can Tales (Late Sept or early Oct) will be due for renewal in May of the next year. We do this to get all members on the same renewal date – the Annual Gathering Date in May.

To pay using Paypal or Credit Cards

Become a Tin Can Tourists for one year:
One Year New Membership $25 – Click Here

Become a Tin Can Tourists for as long as you’d like, paypal with create a yearly renewal and you can cancel whenever you’d like. We offer a discount of $5 for the first year for signing up for the subscription.
New Membership with automatic yearly renewal $20 – Click Here

Need to renew your membership :
Renewal Membership $20 – Click Here

Want to give someone a TCT Membership as a gift:
Gift Membership $25 – Click Here

To pay by check

Click here to download the Membership Application

Once you have printed it and filled it out, send it along with your dues payment of $25.00 to:

Forrest Bone
Winter Mailing address: 4 High Street, Bradenton, Florida 34208
Summer (April to October): PO Box 489, Gregory, Michigan 48137

How are the Membership Dues used?

The money collected from the dues are used at the discretion of the club for variety of needs including:

  • Mailing of new member membership material
  • The materials to produce the laminated membership cards
  • The cost of the club decal sent to new members
  • The production of the newsletter published quarterly
  • Mailing of the newsletter via first class mail to members that do not have internet connection and via either Dropbox or Google Groups
  • All of the expenses associated with the office supplies, signage and promotional material for various TCT events
  • Presentation equipment – screens, projector, speakers, microphones, etc.
  • Phone and internet connections
  • Website development and maintenance – including hosting costs (servers and services like Flickr and Dropbox) and software purchased
  • Donations to selected historical societies that host TCT Events and the RV Heritage Museum/Hall of Fame
  • Dues collected at both regional events and member hosted events are shared with the host to be used for a specific activity associated with the event
  • Guest speaker and presentation expenses at regional events
  • Assisting occasional Vintage Trailer Preservation actions – (example: shipping a historical trailer to the RV/MH Museum)
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