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From the Kalamazoo Gazette, promoting the TCT attendence at the Vicksburg Old Car Festival: VICKSBURG, MICHIGAN -- They're called the Tin Can Tourists, but the name is a bit of a misnomer. The organization is "committed to the celebration of classic trailers and motor coaches through annual gatherings of owners and friends," according to its Web site. It has nothing to do with tin cans or that some trailers may look like tin cans. "It got started in 1919, but got its name because people ate out of tin cans, which is not a nice thing," said Lee Evanson, of Vicksburg, who with her husband, Ken, is a member of the local Tin Can Tourists chapter. "There are hundreds of them scattered all over the United States," she said. Tin Can Tourists is about recreational vehicles, trailers and even tents. It open to everyone, regardless of their make and model of trailer and motor coach club. It gathers all over Michigan and the country, including this weekend at the Vicksburg Old Car Festival. "We've been members since 2004; they call them gatherings," Evanson said. "There are two in Michigan every year, with Milford the meeting spot." Evanson said about 15 Tin Can Tourist members will be at the Vicksburg Old Car Festival, some from other states and most from the Southwest Michigan area. They will be gathered at the Vicksburg Historic Village on Richardson Street. The Evansons travel in a 1979 RV. That may not sound very old, but a 30-year-old RV is considered vintage, she said with a laugh. They have been featured in the Mobile Mansions article. Tin Can Tourists has been featured on the Travel Channel. "This is the first time we have been at the Old Car Festival," Evanson said, referring to the Tin Can Tourists. "We hope we can come again. I think it will be a draw." There is no charge to look at the various trailers and motor homes, but donations will be accepted for the Vicksburg Historical Society to maintain the Historic Village and Museum ---- A Note from Ken and Lee, TCT Members who organized the Rally at the Vicksburg car show: Hi everyone, Ken and I hope you all made it home safe and sound. We want to again thank everyone for attending the 28th Annual Old Car Festival. All we've heard is how much everyone in the village enjoyed our being there. I also wanted to let you know how fortunate you were on Sunday to be leaving early. About 4p.m. our skies darkened and a storm rolled through. With it was heavy rains and wind and hail! As Ken did not have the motorhome in the barn - it now has some new dimples. It could have been much worse had it not been under a large maple tree in the back yard. Thank you for the wonderful keepsake card and the donation to our Vicksburg Historical Society. I will meet with the treasurer tomorrow and present the donation. These donations are how we keep this village going. We were so proud and happy to share it with you. See you at the Gilmore Car Museum in August. Ken and Lee

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