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====== American Manufacturing Co ====== ===== Manufacturer Information ===== AMERICAN MANUFACTURING CO. 11048 WASHINGTON BLVD. CULVER CITY, CALIFORNIA From the son of the Charles S. Brunk - some history on the company and other ventures: I just received a group of pictures of the MobilGlide trailers. My name is John Brunk the eldest son of Charles. S Brunk who built the trailers. I was born in 1941 and used to visit my dad's business on Saturday's. In the middle of the V in front of the trailer is a circle, and in it is Globetrotter on an angle. Dad built set trailers for MGM and built the trailer used in the movie Longest Trailer staring L. Ball and D. Arnez. He made the first all aluminum trailer in the US. He made a custom horse trailer for Monte Montana. I will find a trailer book I have and try to send you the logo etc. for the person looking for it in the article I read. Arleen Dahl an actress is in that publication with one of dad's units. I have a brother Mike born 1943 and the youngest born in 1952 who sent me the info. For the record he made over 3000 one wheel trailers that were sold by Sear's...they hooked up to the bumper of the car...when you went forward they were on a slight angle, when you backed up the wheel would rotate etc. etc. Fun Stuff, John ( {{:brunk2.jpg|}} My father is in the middle...thought you could sent this out to those that have a Globe-Trotter MobilGlide. Also...on his cards was the slogan "No Swing No Sway with MobilGlide" {{:mobile-glide1.jpg|}} MobileGlide Ad {{:trail-r-news1.jpg|}} This is the Globe Master with Arleen Dahl...notice the ad at the bottom....the 15 ft. unit was a Globe-Trotter...and that was in the middle of the V in the front in a circle depicting the world ===== Years built ===== 1940s ===== Models ===== MobilGlide IT HAS A 12 FT. 2 IN. BODY LENGTH 8 FT. 2 IN FROM THE ROAD TO THE TOP OF THE ROOF VENT 84 IN. WIDE 76 IN. FROM FLOOR TO CEILING INSIDE ===== Interior Photos ===== {{:0000-aaaa-mobile1.jpg,}} {{:0000-aaaa-mobile5.jpg,}} {{:0000-aaaa-mobile6.jpg,}} {{:0000-aaaa-mobile7.jpg,}} ===== Standard Features ===== ===== Owner Comments ===== Looking for anyone who has a picture of the logo for MobilGlide so I can make a reproduction to put on my trailer. Huge thanks to Vince at for identifying what my little trailer is. These are the only MobilGlides that I can find on the internet. To the best of my knowledge, they are the only ones that exist (The second one is mine and I think the first one may be it prior to its most recent paint job.) If you have a photo of another that isn't shown here please send it to me at Be sure to mention “MobilGlide” in the subject line so I can weed it out from among 1000's of junk items. Thanks. There is a 14th MobilGlide out there, but the owner won't allow me to post its picture here. (Go figure.) You can see it for yourself here: The interior shots are from my trailer. Not original, but probably close to the original layout… after all, how many possibilities could there be in something this small? --Kyle Moritz, Colo/Spgs, CO ===== Prices ===== ===== Pictures ===== {{:aaaa_-_mobilglide9.jpg|}} {{:aaaa_-_mobilglide1.jpg|,}} {{:0000-aaaa-mobile9.jpg,}} {{:aaaa_-_mobilglide2.jpg|,}} {{:aaaa_-_mobilglide3a.jpg|}} {{:00000-mobilglide20.jpg|,}} {{:aaaa_-_mobilglide4.jpg|,}} {{:aaaa_-_mobilglide5.jpg|,}} {{:0000-aaaa-mobilglide.jpg,|}} {{:aaaa_-_mobilglide11.jpg|}} {{:aaaa_-_mobilglide6.jpg|,}} {{:aaaa_-_mobilglide7.jpg|,}} {{:aaaa_-_mobilglide8.jpg|}} {{:aaaaamobil2.jpg|}} {{:0000-aaaa-mobile8.jpg,}} ===== Some owners ===== 1946 MOBILGLIDE 15FT. - DENNIS AND DEB - Vince Martinico, the Trailer King - [[]] - Mine here is a 1946 MobilGlide it was made in Culver City Ca. ,body is 10 ft. and 12 ft. with the hitch. Vince - Kyle Moritz, owner of the turquoise one with the red arrow above. Unknown year, somewhere between 1946-48 I'm told. Colorado Springs, CO.

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