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-====== Aqua-Trail ====== 
-===== History ===== 
-This Trailer Company was in business from 1969 through 1970. They produced about 35 units. It was located in northern California, near the Sacramento area. The trailer was designed to be used both as a houseboat and camping trailer. It is totally self contained. ​ 
-When brought to lake the sides are lifted and the pontoons slide out and are secured. The entire craft is then released to roll into the water. It has a top speed of 7 knots and is easy to control. 
-We have #36. Photos at  
-===== Manufacturer Information ===== 
-===== Years built ===== 
-===== Models ===== 
-===== Interiors ===== 
-===== Standard Features ===== 
-===== Unique features/​Options ===== 
-===== Prices ===== 
-https://​​00O0O_3kLfqKpQQAU_600x450.jpg ​ 
-===== Some owners ===== 
-White Trash Island was part of the the Ephemerisle feastival in years 2016 & 2017. Although it was the smallest island of the event in 2017 it stood as a centerpiece to the layout of the archipelago. ​ Originally purchased to be an interactive art boat for the Symbiosis Gathering, it now holds its own as a standalone exhibit at festivals. ​ 
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