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They were also made in Frankfort, IN sometime in the 60s


Irving Perch manufactured Aristocrat trailers in California from 1956 to 1974. The Lo Liner model was called that because one could purchase optional metal wheels to install when storage in a low garage was desired. These smaller wheels lowered the height, as well as the unique “drop axle”. The Lo Liner was sold as a 13' and a 15' trailer back then, but licensed as 16', as the nearest measurement from hitch to tail. Perch also manufactured a Mainliner, Land Commander, Hi Liner, Lil Loafer, Travelier, Classic, Landmark, Land Liner, Land Star, American Clipper Motor Homes, the Pick-up Partner and an 8 ft RV called “the bug”. The exterior of the Lo-Liner was notable for the large windows on all sides of the trailer. The trailers were extremely well-built with aircraft construction techniques,(metal I beams) and many are still on the road all over North America.

Irv Perlitch (Perch) made his fortune by founding Aristocrat Travel Trailer after moving to Morgan Hill in 1957. Mr. Perch collected unusual antiques such as a 1929 Ford Tri-motor, the first commercial passenger plane to make coast-to-coast flights. In 1969, he sold his successful trailer business to begin work on a 200 acre family resort in Morgan Hill, CA. It was home to his museums of antique cars and airplanes and where he built his Flying Lady Restaurants.

Irv Perlitch passed away April 30, 2008.

Manufacturer Information

Aristocrats were manufactured in Morgan Hill CA. The Lil Loafer (Aristocrat) was made in Weiser, Idaho. Another factory was begun in the East, possibly Indiana, circa 1969.

Canadian travel trailers manufactured in 2 locations. Contact Parts Department for availability of parts:

West: General Coach PO Box 700, 9316 - 348 Avenue, Oliver, BC V0H 1T0 Canada Telephone: 250-498-3471

East: General Coach 73 Mill Street, Hensall, On N0M 1×0 Telephone: 519-262-2600





Standard Features

13' Li'l Loafer: Small trailer with higher profile than Lo Liner 13'. Features bunk above sink.

13' Loliner: 1300 lbs. Propane oven and stove. Icebox.

14' Travelier: 1680 lbs. sleeps 6. Electric brakes. propane oven and stove, icebox (propane fridge optional)

15' Loliner: 1800 lbs. Hitch wt 225 lbs. Sleeps 6. Electric brakes. Propane oven and stove. Icebox (propane fridge optional).

15' Mainliner: Similar to 15' Loliner, nothing like the 16“ Mainliner. Private toilet area.

16' Mainliner: 2000 lbs. Hitch wt 225 lbs. Sleeps 6 with Rear Bunk. Propane oven and stove, icebox (propane fridge optional) Porta-potty shelf in closet. Electric brakes.

17' S-T LoLiner: 2550 lbs. Hitch wt 300 lbs. Sleeps 4 (six with optional bunk). Propane oven, stove and fridge. Fiberglass shower and recirculating toilet.

18' Land Commander: 2050 - 2250 lbs. Hitch wt 225 lbs. Sleeps 6 (8 with optional bunk). Propane oven, stove and fridge. Enclosed toilet area option.

20' Land Liner: 2100 lbs. Hitch wt 300 lbs. Sleeps 4-6 depending on options. Electric brakes. Propane oven, stove and fridge. Space heater. Complete bathroom with shower, toilet and sink.

24' Classic: 4700 lbs. Electric brakes, propane oven with broiler, stove, refrigerator, wall heater, bathroom with shower, two twin beds plus bed in dinette, double doored closet, tons of cabinet space, a rare model.

Unique features/Options

Aristocrat trailers had a unique feature of note for vintage restoration. The electrical connector to the tow vehicle is a 6-pin round connector with the ground and 12V positions reversed from most trailers and tow vehicles. Have the wiring system tested before using it the first time.

An Aristocrat accessory- a wheel lowering attachment that allowed the trailer to be lowered by replacing the tires with these steel wheels. This allowed the trailers overall height to drop, facilitating garage storage.


  • 16 ft. 1967 Aristocrat (pictured in photos section) sold for $800 in 2006 (new were about $1600)
  • 16 ft. 1966 Aristocrat Mainliner bought in Tacoma, WA in ROUGH condition for $350 in Oct, 2008 (See rebuild and pictures below.)
  • 17 ft. 1966 Aristocrat travel trailer in California advertised for $1200 in 2006
  • 17 ft. 1968 Aristocrat Trailer in California sold for $800 in Jan, 2007

1969 Aristocrat Lo-Liner Trailer in California bought for $500 in Mar, 2010


1965 Aristocrat Mainliner It's a very good example of an almost original Mainliner. There are not many of them around - owner Alex Alexander

1965 Aristocrat Mainliner – Original windows, baby moons, step, bumper, paint job, and running lights. Reproduction emblems.

1965 Aristocrat Mainliner – trailer box is 12' with a 15' length overall Original stone shield. Reproduction awning and badges.

1965 Aristocrat Mainliner – Original paneling, quilted backsplash, upholstery, stove, windows and wall sconce. New curtains & pillows. Gas lamp over stove & bunk bed over couch are partially missing.

1965 Aristocrat Mainliner – Original paneling, countertops, flooring, sink, upholstery, ice box, table, paper towel holder, windows and wall sconces.

Aristocrat Caravaners emblem (designed from the original)

Reproduction Aristocrat “You're Following” Badge for the rear of the trailer

Small reproduction iB Perch Aristocrat badge goes beside the front door over the grab handle.

1965 Aristocrat Travelier

1965 16' Mainliner

1965 Aristocrat Land Commander

1966 16ft Aristocrat Mainliner (factory exterior and modernized interior)

1966 15ft Aristocrat Mainliner

1966 15ft Aristocrat Loliner (Exterior and Interior)

1966 Aristocrat Land Commander; Exterior & Interior

1967 16' Aristocrat Lo Liner

1967 Aristocrat Land Liner

1971 Aristocrat Loliner

1971 Aristocrat Lo Liner

1972 Aristocrat Lo Liner

1972 Aristocrat Landstar

Original paneling, wallpaper, countertops, flooring, sink, refrigerator, harvest gold stove, paper towel holder, windows, wall sconces, Spacesaver bathroom with murphy toilet and white/black 'campers' motif. The 1973 Landstar has avocado green appliances and a multi-color floral motif in the bathroom.

1973 Aristocrat Lo Liner

Some owners

Ryan & Linda Frizzell, toledo ,Oh. Curently restoring 1967 aristocrat, 10' Lil Loafer.

Alex Alexander, DeFuniak Springs, FL. Owner of 1965 Aristocrat Mainliner 15-6.

Rebuild, restoration and modernization of a 1966 15.5(16)ft MainlinerShown above

Nice Restoration set of '67 Land Commander

Modernization of '70 Lo Liner 17'

Elvis' Aristocrat!!!

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