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====== Avalair ====== ===== History ===== Built in Baroda, Michigan - Avalair is a rare find. Not too many of these out there. I have had limited success in getting the history of these trailers. Seems to be part Avion and part Airstream - The name is likely a contraction of the two. Looks a bit more Avion(ish). Reminds me of a covered wagon with the raked front and plumb stern. Very solidly built - the frame even has a center rail, instead of the usual two. 13-panel front, with a beaded panel edge gives it a real machine-age look. Real Flash Gordon looking stuff! ===== Manufacturer Information ===== {{avalair_nameplate.jpg|}} ===== Years built ===== ===== Models ===== {{avaliar_1.jpg|}}===== Interiors ===== ===== Standard Features ===== ===== Unique features/Options ===== {{antenna_directional.jpg|}} ===== Prices ===== {{avalair_2.jpg|}}===== Pictures ===== {{avalair_postcard.jpg|}} ===== Some owners ==== john and sue hagan current owners:joe and barbara geisler Dan Russell ===== Clubs/Links ===== [[]] - See a restoration of an Avalair

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