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====== Nancy's Trailers ====== '57 Corvette, '61 Airstream Bambi, '69 Eriba Puck ===== Details ===== Vintage models from California, Ohio, Germany The Corvette was a limited production model, but the Airstream and Eriba lines are still manufactured today My trailers are mostly original with some light cosmetic updates as needed I actively camp year-round across Arizona and New Mexico as time away from work allows. ===== Standard Features ===== Tin/aluminium construction, all have 2 or 3 burner stoves, the Corvette also has an oven. Two have ice boxes while the Airstream has a Dometic gas refrigerator. Only the Airstream Bambi has a shower and toilet room. Their weight ranges from 600 to 1,900 lbs. {{:61_bambi_front.jpg?400|}}===== Pictures ===== {{:corvette_trailer_012.jpg?400|}} {{:corvette_trailer_013.jpg?400|}} {{:corvette_trailer_017.jpg?400|}} {{:corvette_trailer_019.jpg?400|}} ===== Clubs/Links ===== * Tin Can Tourists * Sister's on the Fly * SW Vintage Trailer Group * Serro Scotty Enthousiasts * Wolfsburg Registry Phoenix * Arizona Bus Club * APARN

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