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Hello! We have had our 1966 Avion Travelcader since April 2008. We are newbies with this trailer , but we have had a 1966 Serro Scotty 13 footer since 2000 and built it 4 years of the 8 we've had him!! It was a mess total restoration. Skinnedthe sides and replaced the wood completely. This is why we were so impressed by the Avion, it was totally aluminum inside and out! Even the inside frame (between the walls) are aluminum. No deterioration to deal with. The floor is wood doubled ith a styrofoam middle. We only had to re-do a small section of it! The bottom frame is steel. Then a healthy bottom of slick aluminum. So not only is the Avion light it is very easy to restore!! Just scroll to see the boring before and after pictures respectively. The are huge pictures for detail, so if you want to see the picture all at once just click and they will get smaller!! {{:avion_1st_day.jpg|}} The first day we saw the Avion in the parking lot of an antique store in Dillard Georgia. {{:helen_and_avion_018.jpg|}} Before {{:avion_resto_010.jpg}} {{:avion_resto_011.jpg|}} after {{:helen_and_avion_025.jpg}} bathroom before (EWWW) {{:avion_resto_015.jpg|}} after ahhhhhh {{:helen_and_avion_038.jpg|}} Bunks before {{:resto_avion_new_021.jpg|}} bunks after I strongly reccommend this type to restore!!!! Thanks for stopping by! Happy Camping!!

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