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Sylvia and Larry Bell Charing Cross, ON, Canada <> {{bells.jpg}} We live in a small village near Chatham, that's a three hour drive West of Toronto and a one hour drive East of Detroit, MI. Since retirement in 2001, we have refurbished four Vintage Airstream trailers. Found our 5th in fall of 2012......a retirement hobby. TCT members have been most helpful and we enjoy the comradship!! ====== DISCOVERY ====== After numerous sightings that turn out to be gleaming quonset huts, horse trailers, oil drums,grain bins, or propane tanks; a "discovery". The search can be rewarding! {{discovery.jpg}} {{discovery2.jpg}} {{discovery3.jpg}} {{discovery4.jpg}} ====== 1965 Caravel (17') ====== {{caravel65.jpg}} ====== 1963 Globe Trotter (19') ====== {{globe63.jpg}} ====== 1964 Overlander (26') ====== {{overlander.jpg}} ====== 1967 Trade Wind (24') ====== {{twd.jpg}} ====== 1967 Globe Trotter (20') ====== Rather difficult removing this GT from the woodlot. {{globe67.jpg}}

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