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======Spartan ====== ===== Spartan Aircraft Co===== ===== 1948 ===== ===== Manor and Spartanette ===== [[]]===== ===== ===== Vintage trailering is in our DNA. Doreen’s grandfather toured the United States in a 1925 house car and Bob’s Grandfather was a foreman at the Covered Wagon Trailer Company. Our love of Vintage Trailer Coach’s started in the fall of 2003; but it took a Bear and a tent to realize it. Since then it has overtaken our life and we now have too many trailers to list and truly have acquired the disease of Vintage Traileritis. We love to restore vintage trailers back to their former glory; and then find the upmost peace relaxing in the wood interiors and amongst the accoutrements of a bygone era. When not working on trailers, Bob and Doreen Own a Dental Laboratory and Doreen also works part time for a leading Detroit area IT Company.

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