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Terry Bone

My Family

My wife's name is Michelle and my daughter is Paige. I help my dad with the TCT club by developing and managing the TCT website. Michelle and Paige help out at all the rallies. We have been members since the renewal and getting more and more active with the club every year.

Here is Michelle and Paige at a Vintage Truck show:

The entire family:

Our Trailers

1957 Avion Regal R26

We are the proud owners of a piece of Avion history.

1957 Avion Regal 26ft. Bought from the Cayo family that started the Avion company. The Cayo's consider this trailer to be the 4th trailer they made. It had materials and construction techniques only found in prototypes. It came into the shop for service and the Cayo family purchased it. Chuck related that a hunter brought it in for a window fix. Chuck was on the look-out for an early model to restore for a family treasure and purchased it. We purchased it from them and completed the exterior restoration.


  • Inside Width at Floor 7 Feet
  • Overall Length 26'
  • Body Length NA
  • Overall Height 8'“9”
  • Inside Height 6'8“
  • Overall Weight 3300 LBS.
  • Hitch Weight NA LBS.

Our trailer is serial number #904 The trailer is production #904. The model is R26. According to information on Dr. G's site the 26R production began after model 900. This should make it a coach built around 1957. It had a list price of $4,250 and weighs 3300 pounds.

The trailer is featured in Bob Muncy's book “Silver Avions and Cayos”


Our trailer being restored:

In the winter of 2010-2011, we made the monthly trip out to the property where we store the Avion. It is under a covered shelter in the middle of farm land. To our disbelief we discovered that it was damaged with large scratches and dents all around the trailer and our first thought was why would someone vandalize the trailer like this. We were heartbroken.

We called the police and went out later in the week to meet them for a police report. The snow had melted and there was now evidence of cow piles nearby the trailer. Also, the bushes planted behind the trailer were eaten almost to the ground. The police officer visited the neighbors and asked if they saw anyone around the trailer. One of the neighbors said they saw the farmers cows congregating around the trailer. The neighbor and the farmer are relatives. The farmer was asked to come over and take a look. He didn't think his cows could do the damage but the police officer believes it was due to the cows.

Progressive insurance is covering the damage and P&S Trailer Service is putting new skin on the damaged panels. Some of the surface scratches was to the clearcoat only and that is being removed and then reapplied after the panels are replaced.


1955 Trotwood Cub

Currently being repaired at Tim Heintz Design Trailer Restoration.

Exterior paint by Ken Hindley of Hindley's Garage

Trailers I once owned

1957 Sportcraft

We were the proud owners of a 1957 Sportcraft.

Sportcraft "15"

We were the 4th owner and we restored the trailer with the help of my parents. New axle, new electrical, new tail lights, new tires, new braking system, new propane tanks, exterior paint, interior paint, new cork floor, cover wheel wells, new curtains, new mattress. My parents found this down and Florida and we joked about buying it if they cleaned it up.

Original trailer except: wheel wells were enlarged, ceiling vent was added, tongue was extended

Outside Pics

I need to get pics of the original awning, we use it all the time.

Inside Pics

This picture shows the cork flooring we installed:

Here is the dinette area. Original vinyl seats that are very comfy. This folds down and turns into a bed.

Here is the Kitchen area. Original propane stove. The counter top lifts up, really nice feature to give extra counter top when your not cooking. The ice box is original as well. We generally just use it for food storage and bring our own cooler.

Here is the back bed area. What you don't see in these pictures is the full length closet and there is lots of storage under the bed and front seats.


Our trailer and truck are featured in Doug Keister's book - “Teardrops and Tiny Trailers”, we have a whole page and are really proud to have made the book. There was talk about being on the cover but I think Doug made the right choice!


We won an award from the Tin Can Tourists during a judging of the 1950's trailers. Our 1957 Sportcraft trailer took 2nd place!

Historic National Road Caravan

This trip might have been the coolest trip we've ever taken (or will ever take). We were on a week long caravan traveling the historic national road (Route 40) with 29 other vintage travel trailers. Here are a few pictures:


I commissioned a painting of the trailer and truck from Paige Bridges, she did a great job capturing the spirit of our camping trips - Michigan campgrounds, lakes, fishing, picnics and a shady scenic spot.

This painting was used for an advertisement for a Florida Ford Dealer, how cool is that

Hobbies and Work

When I'm not camping, then I'm fishing. I started doing some local bass tournaments and really enjoy the sport.

St. Clair Smallie - 4.14

2010 Charlevoix - 2nd place 16.8lbs

I currently work as an IT manager at Ford Motor, Michelle is a Dental Hygienist and Paige is in college at Wayne State University (my how time flys)

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