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====== Cardinal ====== ===== History ===== ===== Manufacturer Information ===== {{cardinal_logo1.jpg|}} Adams Manufacturing Company, 508 Stewart St. El Monte, California There was also a Cardinal Industries that built park model trailers called "The Cardinal", see the advertisements below. {{cardinal_logo.jpg|}} ===== Years built ===== 1951 to 1977 Adams Trailer Manufacturing, Cecil Adams, President ===== Models ===== In 1957, 15' and 16' foot models In 1958, 15' Camper 16' Camper, 10' Camper for Pickup Love Bird Campers, Models 8 & 10 for pickups {{1955_cardinal.jpg|}} {{1958_cardinal_10x48.jpg|}} ===== Interiors ===== ===== Standard Features ===== ===== Unique features/Options ===== Cardinal Trailers (by Adams Man.) were still being made in the late 70's. The style changes dramatically in the 60s from the earlier "canned ham" shaped Cardinal models. Unique features included external paint details and most often the extra feature on the back to resemble a Cardinal Crest. Mid 60s example: {{cardinalmid60s.jpg|}} ===== Prices ===== In 1958, the prices were as follows: 16' 6'8" width $1095 16' 6' 8" width $1195 (not sure what is extra) 15' 6' 7" width $895 ===== Pictures ===== {{ready_to_go.jpg|}} {{cardinal1.jpg|}} {{cardinal2.jpg|}} {{cardinal3.jpg|}} {{cardinal4.jpg|}} ===== Some owners ===== Steve & Michelle Eubank 1957 16', Peculiar, MO Traci and Elizabeth, Portland ,OR 16' 1968 Cardinal Deluxe Steve and Margaret Martan Roseville, CA 1957 Cardinal Ted and Janine Brown, Paradise Valley, AZ Stace and Lannette Johnson, Federal Heights, CO. Grant & Tracy Hamilton, Salem, OR. John & Kathy Millard, 1958 16' Camping Trailer - Arvada Colorado. Jerry Keenan and Francis Arches, 1969 Model 14 Deluxe, Redondo Beach, Ca. Jane Snyder Pecorella, 1970 Model 14 Deluxe, Bakersfield, CA Jim Anderson & Paul Johnston Phoenix, Az. Chad and Cathy Ackley, San Rafael, CA 1968 13' Travel Trailer (just like the little B&W pic above!) Pete and Alice Miller, Arlington Texas, Exactly like the Mid 1960 Modle pictured, door at back 1969 Model Nathan and Ruth, Bend Oregon 16 ft 1957 Cardinal Travel Trailer Michele Akers,Sacramento,CA 1965 Cardinal "Love Bird". Henry and Luz Ayala, 1972 Model 14 Deluxe, Monterey Park, CA Shawn David Boise, Idaho 1971 Cardinal Model 13 Standard Brooke Bickler, 1952 Cardinal, Riverside California Erin L, 1977 Cardinal Twin Bed Compact Model 13 Model II, Orange County, CA Denise Stoesser, 1969 Cardinal 13, Overton, NV Kirsten and Robert Hall, 1957 Cardinal Camp Trailer, Casper and Ethete, WY ===== Clubs/Links ===== [[|Yahoo group for owners to share information]] [[|Pictures of a Cardinal Lovebird - inside and out]] Great reproduction Cardinal decals in two styles and three sizes.

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