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Check Lists [[Hooking Up]] Potential Checklists to create: 1) Hooking Up, Traveling, Parking Mental Prep - Focus Pre - Hookup The Hookup During the Trip The Un-Hookup 2) Problem Checklist Mental Prep - Calm Making Situation Safe Dealing with Road Service Agency Dealing with Towers Dealing with Police / Emergency Personnel Family Tree Contact List 3) Acquiring and Moving a New, Old or Unknown Trailer Mental Prep - Curb the enthusiasm - Focus Tires, Bearings, Axel Electrical Structural Checks Licensing and Insurance issue "while in transit" 4) Tool & Safety Kits Weight/Space vs Reasonable roadside fixes Packing a reasonable tool kit Packing a Safety Kit 5) Knowledge Lists Contacts, Family, Medical, Legal, Religious Medications Pets Weapons Insurance Papers Titles

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