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 ====== Check Lists in progress: ====== ====== Check Lists in progress: ======
 +Check Gas/Propane on/off switch
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 Make sure the fridge door is fully closed! Make sure the fridge door is fully closed!
 +Put the Dri-Z-Air in the sink so you dont end up with a mess while moving. ​                                                                                                                                                                                                            A few things to check on your tow vehicle: clear any debris that may be in front of the radiator or A/C condensor or even between the two. Anything blocking airflow will cause overheating and/or poor A/C performance. Also check cooling fan for proper operation. When I change belts, I save the old ones and keep them with the vehicle. This may save you on the road someday.
 ====== Potential Checklists to create: ====== ====== Potential Checklists to create: ======
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        ​Structural Checks        ​Structural Checks
        ​Licensing and Insurance issue "while in transit"​        ​Licensing and Insurance issue "while in transit"​
 +       First Aid Kit
 ===== Tool & Safety Kits ===== ===== Tool & Safety Kits =====
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