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 ===== Components of a successful rally ===== ===== Components of a successful rally =====
 +==== Steps in planning a rally ====
 +So you want to start a vintage trailer rally near you? How do you do it? What are
 +the steps?
 +Planning a rally is easier than you think.
 +  * Step 1: Find a campground that is interested and would be willing to work with you. This means that they would be willing to help with the rally, that they have facilities for the group to get together and that they’d be open to setting aside a number of sites for the rally members to camp near each other.
 +  * Step 2: Pick a date. Something that works for the campground and might be aligned with some other interesting event that the rally members might want to participate in. Also, check the TCT website to see what other events might be going on to avoid conflicts.
 +  * Step 3: Put together an agenda for the rally, plan for costs and create a way for participants to register with you and for their campground. We have guidance/​suggestions on our website for rally hosts. Get ahold of us and we will walk you through this and help anyway we can.
 +  * Step 4: Advertise the rally on the TCT website – go to “join the fun” and then “Add an Event”. We will help get the word out. For a first time rally, you can expect about 10-20 trailers if you pick an interesting campground, advertise well and give people plenty of time to plan for the event.
 +  * Step 5: Communicate with participants,​ keep them informed on plans and see who would like to volunteer to help. It takes a lot of work and coordination during a rally but people love being involed and helping. ​
 +  * Step 6: Prepare for the rally and activities
 +  * Step 7: Enjoy the event and make new friends
 +  * Step 8: Be prepared to do it again and again!
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