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[[]] has parts and accessories for your vintage trailer. [[]] - A discussion forum for all things Vintage Trailer. [[]] - Excellent source for vintage American trailers imported into the UK and Europe. Import/transport also. [[]] - Private club of serious collectors of Airstreams and all vintage aircraft trailers. Always looking to buy. [[]] - News and views on all types of vintage trailers including Airstreams, great photo gallery. [[|Canned Ham Crazy]]: A blog that follows the acquisition, restoration and enjoyment of a 1954 La Cabana "Canned Ham" camper with a philosophical twist. [[|Mobile Home Living]]: A great blog that features vintage mobile homes, advertising and literature on both vintage and modern mobile homes. I am Jimmy Cates. I own a company that restores Vintage Trailers. It used to be Twisted Silver, but recently I changed the name to Built from Skratch. [[]] I also have a blog at [[]] I offer all repair services as well as full restorations. [[]] Vintage Trailer Decals [[]] - a group of professional women from Northern California and Nevada, from all ages and walks of life who love to get out and about and go camping and socialize and have fun with our fellow Trailerettes. [[]] - Vintage Trailer Rescue And Restoration. Visit my blogs for hints and tips and see our trials and tribulations in the process of restoration! Hope you enjoy them! [[]] [[]] [[]] [[]] Everything you'll need to know to restore your trailer. [[]] A link to a database of upcoming Vintage Trailer Rallies, their dates, registration information, leader e-mail information, and activities. Anyone can add their trailer information or edit existing information to assist those wanting to plan their schedules and participate in upcoming vintage trailer rallies. [[|APACHE OWNERS.COM]] A portal site for vintage Apache pop up camper enthusiasts, with photo gallery, forum, articles, and classified ads. [[|ARIZONA TRAVEL TRAILERS]] Vintage travel trailer sales and restoration. [[|ATLAS MOBILE HOME MUSEUM]] Database of antique and vintage mobile home photos, advertising items, and toys. Home of the Juergen's Vintage Trailer CDs For Sale. [[|AVION TRAVELCADE CLUB]] Club with resources for enthusiasts of vintage Avion travel trailers. Classic Campers of New Mexico. [[]] [[]] [[|BOLERAMA]] Dedicated to the preservation of Boler Travel Trailers: The Original Canadian ultra-light RV and all Glass-Class trailers. [[|BOWLUS ROAD CHIEF]] Collector page detailing restoration of a 1947 Tatra 87 and 1935 Bowlus Road Chief. [[|BOWLUS ROAD CHIEF HISTORY]] History of the development of the Bowlus Road Chief travel trailers. [[|CLASSIC SHASTA RESOURCES]] Pictures, articles, specs and more for classic Shasta travel trailers. [[|CUSTOM VINTAGE TRAILER PARTS]] Parts restoration services plus refurbished originals or reproductions of original trailer fixtures and accessories that seem difficult or impossible to find. [[|DOUG'S VINTAGE TRAILER]] Collection of totally outfitted vintage travel trailers, Airstream trailers and tent trailers for rent for corporate events, RV trade show displays, studio, film, video and tv productions. [[|ED SANDER'S VINTAGE MOTORHOMES]] Restored vintage motorhomes. [[|ERIBA PUCK SITE]] German language site devoted to the Eriba Puck travel trailer. [[|FLETCHER'S TRAILER SALES]] A nice selection of un-restored trailers from the smallest Scotty’s and teardrops to 40’ birch paneled mobile homes. Parts, repair projects too. [[|GRAEME'S 1937 FORD HOUSECAR]] Personal collector page with details and photos of a super-rare Ford Housecar. [[|GYPSY CARAVANS]] Original gypsy caravans for sale in Devon, UK. [[|HEINTZ DESIGNS VINTAGE TRAILER RESTORATIONS]] Heintz Designs Vintage Trailer Restorations is committed to providing its clients with the same quality restoration that we would provide for a trailer in our own vintage collection. [[|HINDLEY'S GARAGE]] Automotive restoration shop featuring photos of the restoration of a 1936 Curtiss-Aerocar travel trailer and custom built 1938 International D15 tow car (aka "The Big Land Yacht"). Touring schedule of the Curtiss-Aerocar, also. [[|IOWA BOYS]] & Used Travel Trailers. Repair - Restore - Refurbish - Studio Rentals. [[|MAXITEAR]] Personal page with history of restoration projects, event photos, resources, some vintage articles. [[|MEL TRAILER]] Specializing in vintage trailer restoration. [[|My Vintage Travel Trailer]] Database of vintage travel trailer manufacturers. [[|OLDTIMER CARAVAN PHOTO GALLERY]] Photos of VINTAGE TRAILERS including AIRSTREAM, SPARTAN, BIOD, ERIBA, TABBERT. [[|RETRO CAMPING CLUB OF FRANCE]] European vintage travel trailers. [[|RV/MH HERITAGE FOUNDATION HALL OF FAME]] The worlds largest library of trailer literature. [[|SERRO SCOTTY|NATIONAL SERRO SCOTTY ORGANIZATION]]Premier website for Serro Scotty owners and organization of Serro Scotty aficionados. [[|SERRO SCOTTY CAMPER ENTHUSIASTS]]Yahoo discussion group. [[|SILVER AVION]] Information on maintenance, restoration etc. of vintage Silver Avion trailers. [[|SINGLE WHEEL.COM]] Your information source for single wheel trailers from the 40's, 50's and 60's, Allstate and Heilite to name a few. The intention of this site is to be the most comprehensive, informational single wheel trailer site on the internet. [[|SILVER TRAILER]] Travel trailer inspired jewelry, trailer interiors & Airstream rentals by Kristiana Spaulding [[|SISTERS ON THE FLY]] Vintage trailer sales, restoration, customization and registry. Also organizes trailer trips and outdoor adventures. [[|SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA TOURING TEARS]] For enthusiasts of vintage teardrop travel trailers. [[|SOUTHWEST VINTAGE CAMPER ASSN]] Site features membership info, events, photos, and buy/sell ads. [[|SPARTAN AIRCRAFT TRAILER COACHES]] Resource for vintage Spartan trailers, with history, restoration info., discussion, more. [[|STANLEY TRAVEL TRAILERS]] All kinds of information on vintage Stanley travel trailers. History, restorations, photos, more. [[|STREAMLINE ROYAL ROVERS, HOUSTON CHAPTER]] Articles, discussions, events for owners of Streamline travel trailers. [[|TEARDROP TRAILER RESEARCH PAGE]] Research info, resources, and photo gallery. [[|TEARDROPS.NET]] The leading teardrop trailer and micro-caravan newsletter. [[|THE RV-MH HERITAGE FOUNDATION MUSEUM]] RV and Motorhome club with museum displaying trailers, photos, and memorabilia reaching back to the 1920's and 1930's. [[|TIMELESS TRAVEL TRAILERS]] Remanufacturing 1930's - 1960's Travel Trailers with machine age quality. [[|TOOZIGOOT VINTAGE TRAILERCOACH RESTORATION]] Vintage travel trailer repairs, restorations, and sales. [[|TRULY VINTAGE TRAILERS]] Vintage travel trailer collection with some vehicles for sale. Also offers vintage car, tractor, and trailer transport services. [[|VINTAGE & CLASSIC TRAVEL TRAILERS]] A club for owners and admirers of 1920 through 1960s travel trailers; rallies, vintage trailers for sale, stories, archives. [[|VINTAGE CAMPERS.COM]] Deals in vintage campers from the 40's, 50's and 60's, specializing in Airstreams & Spartans. Vintage Camper Trailers or for all those trailerites that collect, restore and rally with their pre 1969 camper trailers bicycles, cars, trucks and other related gear. We are in Northern CA and organize and promote West coast rallies. Paul Lacitinola, 916-572-8554 or [[|VINTAGE CARAVANS]] Dedicated to pre-1970 caravans in Australia. [[|VINTAGE DELUXE TRAVEL TRAILERS]] Vintage trailers and restoration parts for sale. [[|VINTAGE SHASTA CLUB]] If you own, or simply love, Vintage Shasta Trailers made from the early '50s through the early '70s, then you'll love this Yahoo group! [[|VINTAGE SHASTAS]] For all things Shasta and vintage travel trailer related, from photos and historical information to classifieds, forums, more. [[|VINTAGE TRAILER CAMP]] Site for vintage trailer enthusiasts, with rally calendar, photo gallery, resources. [[|VINTAGE TRAILER CRAZY]] Restoring, designing and sales of vintage travel trailers. [[|VINTAGE TRAILER SUPPLY]] North America's leading supplier of parts to restore vintage travel trailer and motorhomes. We specialize in vintage Airstream trailers and ship worldwide. [[|VINTAGE TRAILERING.COM]] Vintage travel trailer restoration, rebuilding and refitting. Airstream, Spartan and others [[|VINTAGE TRAILERS AND MOBILE HOME YAHOO GROUP]] Forum for enthusiasts of vintage mobile homes and coaches like: Spartans, Spartanettes, Skylines, Hicks, New Moons, Pacemakers, Stewarts, Almas, Americans, Vagabonds and more. Share info, and buy, sell, and trade vintage trailers and parts. [[|VINTAGE VACATIONS]] Vintage Vacations is the premier Restoration shop for all types of vintage and classic travel trailers built from the 1930's to the 1970's and beyond. [[|VINTAGE YELLOWSTONE TRAILERS]] Photos, advertising material, and stories related to vintage Yellowstone trailers. [[|Wally Byam's Holiday - a Canned Ham Airstream]] Pictures and History of a canned ham trailer that Wally Byam had made in 1954. [[|Area 63 Productions]] Creative reconstruction of metal travel trailers [[|Airstream <]] Learn about Airstream campers, buy an Airstream, sell an Airstream, join the Airstream community. [[|RV Art Gallery]] The Internet's only site dedicated exclusively to gifts for those enjoying the RV Lifestyle. [["|Sun Coast RV - Rv Dealer]] We deal in RVs ranging from RV motorhomes and travel trailers to fifth wheel RVs and tent campers. [[|TRAVELING VINTAGE]] Steve and Gail Powell's personal web site [[|International Register of Microcaravans]] It was started in 1996 when Steve Pepper was trying to do some research on a 1960’s Raleigh folding caravan (see below) and came to a halt after only finding a photocopy of an old magazine advert for the van. [[|Tin Can Interiors]] At Tin Can Interiors we specialize in the interior restoration of vintage trailers. We make or repair drapes, cover seats and gauchos,and find discount or vintage fabric for clients. And all at a discount. [[|Lost America]] Night photography of the abandoned west. Very cool old trailers. [[|Vintage Trailering]] The coolest vintage and custom Airstream trailers available. Finest materials, meticulous work. Design studio of Airstream’s 75th anniversary Bambi. American design and craftsmanship. [[]] Squob is a web magazine for RVers who love good design and hate bland white boxes on wheels. It finds the best vehicles and gear to help you plan your escape, with regular features on vintage travel trailers. [[]] For those enjoying camping and the RV lifestyle, art for the eyes ... whimsy for the soul. More than prints -- mugs, magnets, mouse pads, aprons, shirts, hats, postage stamps, cards, bumper stickers and more! Free personalization. [[]] The Wallace Collection. Henry Wallace created a website to show off his collection of wonderful vintage trailers. Always Buying - Occasionally Selling - Vintage Travel Trailers [[]] Vintage Aluminum is dedicated to the preservation and continued availability of pre-1968 aluminum travel trailers. We have been collecting and restoring streamline, flatside, canned hams, and teardrops since 1997. We specialize in streamline types. Vintage Aluminum has traveled far and wide to locate examples of mainly 1940's, 1950's and earlier 1960's units. [[]] Used RVs, Trailers, and Motor Homes – Online Parts Superstore - PPL Motor Homes is a huge RV Consignment Center in Houston, Texas. We have sold over 18,800 Consigned RVs since 1972. PPL is the hassle free way to sell, buy or trade Used RVs. We also have a large RV Parts and Accessories Internet Superstore. Our staff works hard to help customers find exactly what they need for their recreational vehicles and camping. We have low prices and fast nationwide delivery. [[]] Polishing lessons step by step. Vintage Airstreams and parts available [[]] INTERNATIONAL REGISTER OF MICROCARAVANS [[]] Professional restorations of all vintage travel trailers. Sales of many different and unique vintage trailers from the 1930's - 1960's each with its own theme!!! [[]] Vintage Trailer Photos and some videos of vintage trailers and airstreams. [[]] Shows a wide variety of rare one off 1930's travel trailers and housecars. We also sell vintage trailers from the 1930's-1960's [[]] - RV.TV has a couple interesting old clips that show some trailers from the 1930's, including some housecars. [[]] We buy and sell 1950 and older travel trailers. [[]] Cool vintage trailers and vehicles. [[]] Yahoo Group for Vintage Trailers, that where really Mobile Homes, that are still being used as residents or travel trailers. [[]] Paige Bridges creates wonderful paintings of vintage travel trailers and tow vehicles. You can commission one of your rig or pick from ones she has on the website. [[]] - Dedication to the identification, restoration and repair of 'Truly Vintage' original examples from America's past. Our motto is "Recognize - Respect - Restore" Offering a varied selection of vintage coaches, trailers and motor homes for sale along with vintage transport service on our custom quad axle 39 ft. trailer!. Check out 'Humor from the Road'. Truly Vintage Trailers - where your 'new' vintage trailer is waiting for you ..... [[]] - Chris Strohm - Your site for Shasta specific information, or Vintage Trailers in general. You'll find the following areas to explore... Forums, History, Classifieds, Store, Resources, Links, Rally information, and more! [[]] - Some really great pictures of Motor Homes [[]] A site dedicated to the vintage and classic mobile homes and trailers of the 40s, 50s and 60s. [[]] - Information and tips on vintage trailer remodeling and improvement from the owner of a 1964 Globetrotter. Also tales of travel in the trailer and via other means. The Ultra Van Page [[]] The informal UltraVan Motor Coach Club page with a description of the Ultra, history, classified listings, Ultra Rallys, and links to Ultra and Corvair related sies. Vintage Travel Trailer Slippers - New Design, limited quantity [[]] Website for vintage Apache camper enthusiasts This site is dedicated to the preservation of the Apache campers made from 1955 - 1986 A great website with lots of photos and detailed information. Buy - Sell - Restoration - Parts and More!!! [[|{{}}]] [[http://|Classic Winnebago's -]] The web's leading community for the restoration and enjoyment of these vintage motor homes. [[]] The Yahoo Group Site for Trotwood travel trailers. [[]] The Yahoo Group Site for Yellowstone travel trailers.

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