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 +Last spring, we purchased our first vintage travel trailer, a 1970 Shasta Compact. We named her "Lula Louise"​ in honor of my grandmothers. We went camping many times last summer, often bringing our young grandson along. He seems to really love camping, too! 
 +We live in the mountains of NC, and so we have lots of great camping location options. Lula Louise is in pretty good condition with no leaks, but we have been working on things that needed attention (as always). My dad and I even created a bunk bed, since the old one was missing. The next big thing is going to be a new paint job and wings!
 +My husband is leery of the whole towing process, so I get to tow Lula Louise by myself and he drives his own car to meet me when we camp. Maybe one day he'll get brave enough to ride with me - haha.
 +Here are some pictures.
 +We are looking forward to camping with other Tin Can Tourists soon!
 +-Robin Culbertson
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