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====== Brad (Shane) Cunningham and Barb Cade ======= {{:vanguard:gedc0883.jpg?300|{{:vanguard:gedc0883.jpg?200|}} Barb & I have always loved the outdoors & have camped all of our lives. As we have approached our "golden" years, we have amassed a huge collection of comforts for our camping trips. It was getting too hard to transport everything to our campsite. The next logical step was to look for a travel trailer. We were NOT impressed with the newer models & accidentally fell into looking at "vintage" & older models. When I found the Vanguard on Vancouver Island, I couldn't believe what great shape it was in. The owners had inherited this trailer from her parents, who had it since it was new. All it needed was some cosmetic improvements & we were ready to go. We have put in a laminated floor, stripped down the painted cupboards to reveal the wood underneath & we have painted some of the scraped or tarnished walls. We have reupholstered the cushions, made a new wood dining table to replace the old, stained arborite one & have yet to paint the outside. This is an ongoing project, but still allows us to camp whenever we want! We plan on adding about 100 watts of solar very soon! So far, we much prefer boondocking or camping in State or Provincial parks, as the space at RV sites is far too cramped & jammed up for our liking. ===== Our Trailer ===== 1967 Vanguard T16 Vanguard trailers were manufactured in Richmond, BC & later up in Kelowna, BC starting in the early 1960's. Vanguard produced trailers & truck campers up until 1970, then they stopped making trailers entirely & moved solely into the manufacture of motorhomes & truck campers for another 15 years. They went out of business somewhere around the mid 1980's. The Richmond manufacturing plant is still operational as a self storage facility, including parking & storage for trailers! {{:vanguard:vanguard_pamphlet_1.jpg?200|}} {{:vanguard:vanguard_pamphlet_2.jpg?200|}} {{:vanguard:vanguard_pamphlet_3.jpg?200|}} {{:vanguard:vanguard_pamphlet_4.jpg?200|}} ===== Before & After Pictures ===== {{:vanguard:before_3.jpg?200|}} Rear Before {{:vanguard:new_cushions_rear_gaucho.jpg?200|}} Rear After {{:vanguard:before_1.jpg?200|}} Front Before {{:vanguard:front_new_table_new_cupboards.jpg?200|}} Front After ===== Exterior Pics ===== {{:vanguard:before_4.jpg?direct&200|}} Just before the "Purchase". {{:vanguard:ranger_vanguard.jpg?200|}} 2007 Ford Ranger. {{:vanguard:miracle_beach_campsite.jpg?direct&200|}} Miracle Beach, Vancouver Island. {{:vanguard:2.jpg?200|}} Barb at Shuswap Lake, Salmon Arm, BC. {{:vanguard:at_the_lynden_fair_grounds_2014.jpg?200|}} At the Lynden Vintage Trailer Rally 2014 (new awning) {{:vanguard:barb_2014.jpg?200|}} At Millersylvania State Park, WA {{:vanguard:camping_on_the_bow_river_2.jpg?200|}} Camping on the Bow River, Banff, Alberta ===== Interior Pics ===== {{:vanguard:before_1.jpg?200|}} Old Curtains, Stained tabletop & Lino, Torn Upholstery {{:vanguard:before_3.jpg?200|}} Old Gaucho, Whitewashed Walls {{:vanguard:5.jpg?200|}} New Floor, New Oak Entrance Wall. {{:vanguard:front_new_table_new_cupboards.jpg?200|}} New Curtains, Tabletop, Faucet, Upholstery. {{:vanguard:new_cushions_rear_gaucho.jpg?200|}} New Upholstery, Throw Pillows, Lots of Wood. ===== Our Tow Vehicle ===== 2007 Ford Ranger Sport 4 Dr. V6 with a Tow Rating of 5860 lbs. ===== The Combo ===== {{:vanguard:ranger_vanguard.jpg?200|}} ===== Why We love Vintage Travel Trailers ===== These trailers have "soul"; you just can't get that with a newer trailer. When we drive into a campsite with a vintage trailer, it doesn't matter how well it's restored or not, people look up & admire. You can almost hear the collective sighs!~ ===== Rallies Attended ===== Our first was the 2013 Western Canada "Tin Can Tourists" Vintage Trailer Rally from June 7th-9th on Hatzic Lake outside of Mission, BC. We had so much fun seeing everyone else's trailers & tow vehicles. Everyone was so open to questions & great at sharing their knowledge & enthusiasm. Our favourite is the Mt. Baker (Lynden) Annual Rally, which consistently has the largest (and growing) gathering of vintage trailers in the Pacific Northwest; consistently in the 200+ trailer range. We're excited for our next Rally! {{:vanguard:first_rally_in_hatzic_lake_bc_2013.jpg?200|}} Our 1st Rally, Mission, BC, 2013 {{:vanguard:open_house_at_lynden_2013.jpg?200|}} Mt. Baker Rally, Lynden, WA 2013 {{:vanguard:ginger_jake_barb_in_lynden_2014.jpg?200|}} Mt. Baker Rally, Lynden, WA, 2014 {{:vanguard:img_0169.jpg?200|}} Sylvia Lake Rally, WA 2015 {{:vanguard:marblehead_campground_2015.jpg?200|}} Marblemount, WA Rally 2015 {{:vanguard:mt._baker_vintage_trailer_rally_2016.jpg?200|}} Mt. Baker Rally, Lynden, WA 2016 ===== Where Do We Camp ===== Mostly the Pacific Northwest (Oregon, Washington, Idaho & all around beautiful BC & Alberta). We're looking forward to travelling to Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Grand Canyon & other National Parks that cross our path. We're also planning a trip up to the Yukon & North West Territories.

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