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====== Curtiss====== ===== History ===== ===== Manufacturer Information ===== ===== Years built ===== 1947-1949 Trivia Question: How many of each trailer models were made under Wally Byams directions, and how many trailers were produced after the 1947 separation. Wally Byam then started Airstream, Inc. in mid-1947. Entered: Cliff Uyeda [Wally actually started Airstream in 1932 making a masonite and plywood kit trailer looking nothing like the Clipper. The classic airstream design is a result of his taking over the work of Hawley Bowlus and the Bowlus-Teller Company who designed the segmented aluminum roof to look like the sailplanes that he built of wood and silk. Wally worked for Lockheed during the war while Airsteam was shut down by rationing of aluminum and worked his brief post-war stint with Wright before resuming Airstream production. Al Hesselbart] ===== Models ===== ===== Interiors ===== ===== Standard Features ===== ===== Unique features/Options ===== ===== Prices ===== ===== Pictures ===== ===== Some owners ===== Dayton Taylor, So. Calif. [[]], Owner of over 25 restored vintage Airstreams, Silver Streaks, Vagabonds, Boles Aero's and many others each with its own unique theme. Email at ===== Clubs/Links ===== [[]] Professional restorations of all vintage travel trailers. Sales of many different and unique vintage trailers from the 1930's - 1960's each with its own theme!!!

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