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- ambien kyo http://www.enfoquesunad.comlevitra okaa http://www.obsessedwithbroadway.commeridia ylrzlw ​+====== Trailerites You Should Know - Emmett Dale ====== 
 +The following is Emmett’s personal history and involvement in the RV industry. Emmett and his wife, Joyce, have attended winter events in Florida the last few years. It wasn’t until last year at Cedar Key that I became aware of Emmett’s long association with the industry and had an opportunity to scratch the surface of his store of knowledge relating to the companies he was 
 +associated with: 
 +  * From 1959 to 1960 Engineer at Airstream IncJackson Center, Ohio 
 +  * 1961-1964 Plant Manager Airstream IncJackson Center, Ohio 
 +  * 1965 Airstream underwent management change 
 +  * 1965-1966 Engineer Cortez Division, Clark Equipment, Battle Creek, Michigan 
 +  * 1966-1967 Plant Manager, Cortez Division, Clark Equipment, Evergreen, Alabama 
 +  * 1967 Clark Equipment sold Cortez Division 
 +  * 1967-68 Resident Manager, Southern Coach Division, Flxible Bus Corporation 
 +  * 1969-1973 President of Mobilux Inc– the RV division of Flexible Bus Corporation 
 +  * 1973 Mobilux closed 
 +Through our communications,​ Emmett indicated that his experience was happy, professionally satisfying and brought him in contact with many outstanding,​ intelligent people. I am sure those that worked with Emmett were fortunate to have made his acquaintance,​ also. 
 +Years ago, Bud Cooper, let me have a copy of significant dates and events associated with Airstream that he had compiled. I believe he didn’t want the material disclosed because it was the initial outline for an unpublished book he wrote, I believe entitled Airstream, the Timeless Adventure. I asked Emmett to share some of his stories relating to his time with Airstream and 
 +he provided me with some interesting tidbits. I have included a couple here that may be of interest to Airstream members. 
 +//In 1952, Andy Charles and Wally Byam drove an old panel delivery truck towing a flat bed trailer to Jackson Center, Ohio 
 +with all the materials to build the first Ohio built AirstreamThe truck was dubbed “the Yellow Peril”.// 
 +//In 1955, Henschen Industrial developed and built the first Niedheart Torsion Axles and Henschen provided all chassis for 
 +the Ohio Airstream Plant.//
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