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====== 1967 Davron ====== ===== Made in Elkhart Indiana ===== ===== Manufactured until 1978? ===== ===== Model ===== Cricket ===== Interiors ===== Standard Equipment on Cricket 12' by Davron : Large 50" dinette- front kitchen with extra large wardrobe-Overhead cabinet with 110/12v. light-Galley pump with water jug-Sink-2burner range and 50# ice box-Full thickness sidewalls and roof-1" insulation-Prefinished and color coordinated interior-Prefinished aluminum exterior-Vinyl insert corner mouldings-Full jalousie door-White ceiling-cushion flooring-Bumper-6:00 x 13" tires-3" polyfoam cushions {{:0613102014c.jpg?800x600|}} {{:0613102015b.jpg?800x600|}} {{:0613102015a.jpg?800x600|}} ===== Standard Features ===== ===== Unique features/Options ===== Most of this Trailer was put together with 5/32 type G Clutch head screws. What were they thinking? I had to order the bit just to disassemble it. ===== Pictures ===== {{:cricket2.jpg?800x600|}} {{:cricket1.jpg?800x600|}} ===== Prices ===== I am also a proud owner of not one but TWO 1967 Davron Crickets! I have picture to share some are on Pintrest already. Mark Dooley @daisymaesadventures==== Some owners ===== Tim Babeli Canton,Ohio I am looking for the "Cricket by Davron sticker for the back of this.If you know of one, could you email me a good picture of it? Christina Sampson, Logansport, IN I also need a sticker for mine, it has one, on the front,but peeling and painted over. I can have a decal made, if I could get a good pic. Mine is a '68,dinette gone,furnace and most of closet gone too. Cant afford a real restore, so I am custom painting and decorating retro. It will be straight out of 1968, "Summer of Love" And why does my title say DeCamp? They are also from Elkhart, in. I have a 1967 davron camper I would like a sticker also. Sherry and Tony Williams (Lucas, KY) We are looking for information and history on the Davron Cricket camper. We recently became the proud owners of a Cricket and plan to restore as much as possible to the original specs. ===== Clubs/Links =====

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